StrongHer 2.0 with Taz (Personalized program)

What you'll get with this program:

- Carefully designed, research based programs developed by Ceritified Professional Trainers

- Diversified Workouts (i.e: flexibility, balance, cardio, strength & pilates)

- Physical Assessment

-  Weekly one on one 30 minute live workouts

-  Weekly Follow up

- Coaching towards Healthy Habits

- Weekly Healthy-living assignments

- Accountability Coach

- Healthy Snack options

- Goal setting Chart (Printable)

- Water intake Chart (Printable)

- Measurement Chart (Printable) 

- Awareness between Health & Islam 

- Holistic Approaches

- Access to continually updating workout videos

29 Lessons

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29 Lessons in StrongHer 2.0 with Taz (Personalized program):



Elements of Health

this Lesson is to help bring awareness to our clients on the different aspects of health that are important in order to be 'Healthy'

Printable - Measurements Chart

Prior to Starting StongHer 2.0, we ask everyone to take their measurements. This will allow clients to notice a difference for themselves

Printable - Weekly Calender Tracker | Goal setting

Printable Snack List + Eating Healthy Tips

Healthy Eating Tips | Printable Snack Options

Warm Up

Warm up

Cool Down

Cool Down- Post Workout

Week 1 Assignment; Water + Eating our Water

Printable Water Tracker

Printable - Water Tracker

Printable Water Tracker

Week 1; Workout 1

Week 1: Workout 2

Week 1: Workout 3


Week 1: Core

Core Work

Week 2 Assignment; MacroNutrients

Assignment: Identify the macro ratio of your regular Macro intake.Learn about Macronutrients. foods that our body needs in order to give it sufficient nutrients and energy. download the worksheet to help you identify

Week 2: Workout 1

Strength/ Cardio Hiit-Mix

Week 2: Workout 2

Strength/ Cardio Hiit-Mix

Week 2: Workout 3


Week 2: Core

Core Work

Week 3 Assignment; Understanding Portion Control

Why is Portion Control important

Week 3: Workout 1

Strength/ Cardio Hiit-Mix

Workout 3: Week 2

Strength/ Cardio Hiit-Mix

Week 3: Workout 3


Week 3: Core

Core Work

Week 4 Assignment: Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Week 4: Workout 1

Strength/ Cardio Hiit-Mix

Week 4: Workout 2

Strength/ Cardio Hiit-Mix

Week 4: Workout 3


Week 4: Core

Core Work

2.0 Client Survey

We'd love to hear your feedback